How to use Reddit on Computer?

What is Reddit?

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

How old is Reddit?

Reddit is a 14-year-old American Social Media Platform. Reddit was Launched on 23-June-2005.

How to Create an account on the Reddit website?

1.  Go to
2.  Click on Sign up button at the top right corner of the website.
3.  Enter an Email address, Username, and Password.
4.  Click on Blue Sign Up Button.
5.  Done Your Reddit account is Ready.

How to use Reddit on Computer?

This is the most popular question asked by New Reddit users. Before I tell you How to use Reddit on Computer, you need to know first what you can do on Reddit. So, you can post original content like Text, Videos, Photos, Links in a Reddit community. Then other users in the community 'upvote' or 'downvote' based on if they like it.
Reddit is broken up into more than a million communities known as “subreddits,” each of which covers a different topic. ... Anyone with a Reddit account can create a subreddit for any topic, as long as it stays within the site's community guidelines.

How to post on Reddit?

To post on Reddit first you have to create your
an account on Reddit. Then you have to find a
community according to your content.

Some of the Popular Community of Reddit:

1.  /r/announcement              56,100,396 Subscribers
2.  /r/funny                             30,052,028 Subscribers
3.  /r/AskReddit                      27,545,272 Subscribers
4.  /r/gaming                          25,959,551 Subscribers
5.  /r/Aww                              24,516,868 Subscribers

NOTE: Every Reddit Community Have their Rule for Posting content on their page. So you must read rules from posting any content.

Once you find the correct community for your content. First Join that Community, Then Click on “Create a post” and select which type of post you want to publish ( text, video/photo, link, polls).

Post limit on Reddit:

If you have low karma in a subreddit, this will trigger a rate-limiting timer which limits you to 1 post/comment per 10 minutes. When you post, you'll get a message telling you "You're doing that too much. Please wait X minutes." - where X is the number of minutes left until the 10-minute period will finish.

What is Karma on Reddit?

Reddit Karma is the score you get for posting and commenting on Reddit. Your total Karma is shown on your profile, and when someone hovers over your username on desktop, they'll see a breakdown of Post Karma and Comment Karma. Some people are so good at Reddit that their Karma runs into the millions.

How Does Reddit Karma Work?

You get Reddit Karma when people upvote your posts and comments, and you lose it when you get downvoted. It’s that simple. Neither Reddit Coins nor Reddit Premium can buy you Karma, and explicitly asking for upvotes is heavily frowned upon.

How Is Reddit Karma Calculated?

When you first start earning Karma, it looks like every upvote adds a point to it. But once you get into the thousands, the math becomes a little murkier. Reddit uses an algorithm to calculate Karma and doesn’t disclose exactly how it works. Allegedly, the more upvotes a link or comment gets, the less Karma each upvote is worth. That means a comment with 15K upvotes isn’t necessarily going to get you 15K of Comment Karma.

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