Clan Games Rewards – April 22-28


Next Up: New Decade New Clan Games!

Get ready for the first Clan Games of April/2020, Chief! The Clan Games will return on Wednesday - until then here's a sneaky peek of the rewards the Strongman will bring to you and your Clanmates.

Remember that once you complete your personal points you can choose one extra reward!


Dates: April 22-28
Max points per player: 4000
Points needed to earn an extra reward: 4000

Loot tiers:

Tier 1: 3000
Rewards: Power Potion (x1), Clock Tower Potion (x1), Gold (20%)

Tier 2: 7500
Rewards: Dark Elixir/Elixir (20%), Hero Potion (x1), Gems (x40)

Tier 3: 12000
Rewards: Shovel of Obstacles (x1), Training Potion (x2), Research Potion (x1)

Tier 4: 18000
Rewards: Rune of Builder Elixir (x1), Resource Potion (x2), Gems (x70)

Tier 5: 30000
Rewards: Dark Elixir/Elixir (80%), Wall Ring (x6), Builder Potion (x2)

Tier 6: 50000
Rewards: Rune of Elixir (x1), Book of Fighting (x1), Gems (x100)

Clash On!

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