How to Create Terms and Conditions,Privacy Policy,Disclaimer,Contact Us Page for Blogger/WordPress-Website

How to Create a Contact Us page for Blogger/Wordpress?

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the right side nine-dot Goggle apps icon.

  2. Now click on Google Drive.

  3. Now when Google Drive opens on your screen, then click on "My Drive".

  4. Now click on More>Google Forms>Blank Form

  5. Now start creating your contact form, Change your form name form Untitled form to Contact

  6. Now create questions that you like to put in your contact form like Name, Email, Phone no., Message, etc.

  7. Also select which type of answer you want for a question (like Short, Paragraph, Multiple Choice) for the scroll down box right side of your questions.

  8. If you want to make an answer to the question compulsory, then on the required button at the right-bottom of the form.

  9. To add a new question click on (+) icon at the right side of the form.

  10. Once your form is completed, then to preview your form click on the eye icon at the top of the page.

How to Add  Contact Us Form to Blogger Blog?

  1. Go to the "SEND" button at the top of the form page.

  2. Then you will get three options to use this Form. But to Submit this form to Blogger you have to go through the last option. "Embed HTML".

  3. Now click on "COPY" to copy this code.

  4. Open your blogger account and click on Pages>New Page.

  5. Give Title of your page "Contact Us" after that click on HTML.

  6. Now select all the code written by-default on the page and delete it and Past the code that you copied above.

  7. Now go to options at the Right side of your page and in Reader comments option select don't allow. then click on the Done button.

  8. Publish your page. Done you have successfully Add your Contact Us page to your blogger blog.

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