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 AMD provides two ways to adjust 3D settings:

 •   Manually through its CATALYST (for systems with AMD GPUs) or VISION (for systems with AMD APUs) control centers for all games. •   Automatically with AMD Gaming Evolved.

Here’s how to use CATALYST to tweak overall 3D settings:

1.   Right-click an empty portion of the Windows desktop and select  AMD Catalyst Control Center.
2.   Click  Gaming.
3.   Click  3D Application Settings. The default menu preference is  Advanced View  (refer to  Figure  13.3   ), but you can select  Standard View  (In below second picture).
4.   Scroll down through the 3D settings. To change a setting, click it, and select the option desired.

You can also configure 3D settings for a particular game:

1.   After opening the 3D Application Settings dialog, click the  Add button.
2.   Navigate to the location of the game’s executable (.exe) file.
3.   Select it and click  Open.
4.   The game is configured with the same 3D application settings set up for all games. To change it, click the game and make any changes needed (In below first picture).
5.   Click  Save to save changes.

The AMD VISION Control Center used to configure AMD’s APUs (processors with integrated RADEON graphics) provides similar configuration options, but defaults to Standard View (you can also select Advanced View). In Standard View with either Control Center, you see a preview of how different 3D graphics settings (anti-aliasing methods, modes, and anisotropic filtering) affect a typical scene. Below the Second picture shows how supersampling antialiasing (AA) provides much more detail than multisampling AA.

 Configuring 3D application settings in Catalyst Control Center using Advanced View.


 Multisampling versus super-sampling AA in AMD VISION Control Center standard view

 The AMD Gaming Evolved utility can be downloaded as part of a 3D graphics update. It enables you to install and play free-to-play games, stay in touch with other gamers, and automatically optimize 3D settings for specific games based on user recommendations. To learn more, see en-us/markets/game/community.   

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