How to Add Custom Domain from GoDaddy to blogspot- Custom Domain Step by Step Guide

How to connect a custom domain to a blogger?

Hey Guys! So what's up, In this article, we are going to learn "How to Add a Custom Domain from GoDaddy to blogger blog?"  I know many of the new bloggers face problems while adding a custom domain to there blogger blogs. But I ensure you that after reading this article many of your problems will be solved. I have included all the major problems that you may face in adding custom domains. Just read the full article, it will take approx 5 to 10 minutes.

So Let's Get started:- 

If you have already purchased a domain from GoDaddy, then Jump to Step 11.

Purchase Your Custom Domain In GoDaddy:- 

Step (1) Go to

Step (2) If you have an account on GoDaddy, then log in and move on to the 3rd step. And if you do not have an account on GoDaddy, then Create a new account and verify your Email address and move on the 3rd step.

Step (3) Once you Login your account on GoDaddy. Search for your Domain...

Step (4) After finding your domain, click on Add to Cart button.

For Cheap Domain Price Use:- .co or .xyz....

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Step (5) Once your domain added to cart, after that click on Continue to Cart

Step (6) After the above step, GoDaddy will ask you to add some things like Domain Privacy, Web Hosting, Custom Email along with your domain name to cart... Just select No thanks in all three options.

Step (7)  After that click on Continue to Cart

Step (8) After that select Payment methods and you may notice that your domain price is more then what you add to your cart, but don't worry about that, this is because of GoDaddy Select by-default domain registration for 2 years...Just select it for 1 year and your price will reduce.

Step (9) After that enter your details( name, address, email id ) and card details and Click on Make Payment and enter the OTP to complete your payment.
Step (10) Once you purchase your domain, click on your profile icon at the top-right corner and then click on My Product...

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Step (11) On My Product Page Click on "DNS".

Step (12) Now Open your Blogger dashboard on a different tab.

Step (13) Now on your blogger dashboard go to settings> Basic > Blog Address and then click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog and after that Enter your blog URL with Custom domain-like and after that click on Save button.   

Step (14) After that, it will show you an error message and provide you 4 codes, now you have to work on those codes. Copy all four codes on Notepad. and number code as I have done in the below picture.

Step (15) Now Go back to GoDaddy DNS Management Settings and click on Add button and add a CNAME. In Host Box enter Code number 3 and in Points to box enter code number 4 and remain TTL to 1 hour, after that click on save button.

Step (16) Now you have to add one more CNAME, But this CNAME already exist in your DNS records, you have to find it and edit it. Look in your record for CNAME with name www and after that click on the small pencil icon at the right side of it. After that in the Host box enter code number 2 and click on the Save button.

Step (17) Now next step is to add four A Type value. First, click on settings instructions. After that blogger's help center will open with Heading  "Set up a custom domain", Go to its step 3, and in step 3 point number four there are four IP address that you have to Add in your A Type value in GoDaddy DNS records. Copy all four on Notepad. And go back to the GoDaddy DNS page.  

Step (18) Now on GoDaddy DNS records again click on Add button, But this time select A type value and in Host box enter @ and in Point to box enter any one IP address that you have copied and repeat this process four times to save all four IP address in your DNS records But remember Host will be same "@" in all four A-type values just points to value will change( IP addresses ).
After adding all four IP addresses your work on GoDaddy is completed.

Step (19) Wait for 10-20 minutes after completing all the above steps. Because DNS settings take approx 10 minutes to install it to your blogger account After that follow step 13 again. Once your custom domain gets saved. Try to view your blog if your blog is not opening wait for the same time and try again later.
 Note:- Don't forget to check box of Redirect to

Congratulations, your blog is successfully connected to the custom domain.


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