Mortal Pubg id | Tier Overview | Statistics

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In this post, I have Mortal Pubg id | Tier Overview | Statistics...

Mortal pubg id:- 590211476

Mortal pubg id user name:- SouLmorTal

Pubg Mortal real name:- Sandeep Mathur

Pubg Mortal Popularity in pubg id (2020):- 4024.6k

mortal pubg id

Soul Mortal Tier Overview ( May 2020)

Mortal plays TPP in Asia Server and He is at Ace Tier with 11 silver stars in Squad mode.
Mortal Season Rating: 6482
Mortal Season Rank: 6.14%

Soul Mortal Tier Overview ( May 2020)

Soul Mortal Pubg statistics

Mortal K/D Ratio in Season 11: 7.53

Mortal headshots in  Season 11: 300+

Mortal Most Kill in Season 11:  21+

Mortal kills in Season 11: 1287+

Soul Mortal Pubg Statistics

Soul Mortal Pubg Mobile Settings on Android Asus Rog

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