my website url blocked by facebook how to unblock?

my website URL blocked by facebook how to unblock?

Are you a blogger and your Website URLs were blocked by Facebook, Then don't wary you are at the right place, I will teach you How to unblock your Website on Facebook with proof and I will also tell you an alternative Method to share your blocked website on Facebook without unblocking.

Social Media is quickly becoming the best place to get lots of traffic to your Blog. Many of the popular bloggers get 40% to 50% of traffic from Social Media.

We all know that…

So, what would happen if an online giant like Facebook blocked your website from their platform?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me.
Facebook blocked my website.
And trust me when I say IT SUCKS being blocked.
Your audience can’t share any of your content.
You can’t link to your siteon groups, messenger, or to friends.
You can’t even add your website to your Page while blocked!

Suddenly my all blog’s shared posts on Facebook Go against its community standards. But I don’t Why, even there is nothing offensive or controversial on the domain.

Then I noticed in many posts on Facebook there are many people facing the same problem and asking for a solution.
So, I wanted to put together a short guide for people in the same boat.

I knew I was in trouble, so I ran straight to Google to see what this error meant.

There is a lot of information. Some old, some new and finally after reading many articles, I got the solutions to my problem.

So, Let’s get started with…

How to get Facebook to unblock your website

First, try to use Facebook URL Debugger Tool to unblock your website

Click on the link to head over to Facebook Debugger Tool


Enter your website URL into the Sharing Debugger box then click the Debug button.

Then it will show an error message if your website has been blocked by Facebook.

Now click on the last three words “Let us know” in the error message to submit bug reports or support messages.

Now explain your problem briefly about your website block problem,

For example:

Hi, Facebook team, I have just started a new personal blog with the domain name: your blog URL, When I share my domain name on Facebook, I get an error message saying it does not meet the “community standards” of Facebook. I ran a debug of the URL on your debugger and it came back again saying the URL does not meet community standard. Could you please explain a bit more about why my URL is reported? I cannot see anywhere in community standards why my URL would be banned.”

I fill this form 2 to 3 times a day when my website blocked on Facebook. And some of my audiences also support me; they also fill this form for me from their Facebook account.

If your website doesn’t get unblocked by the above steps then I have one more option for you…

Second Method:-

Disagree with the Facebook decision

Log-in your Facebook account...Go to Help & support > Support Index.

In Support Index, there is an error message of your posts that go against Facebook Community Standards…

Now you will notice there is “See option” below every error message. Click on it.

A new pop-up window will open with your post/comment that goes against Facebook Community Standards. Just click on Continue.

Once again click on the Continue button.

Then a question will appear
What would you like to do?”
  Select “Disagree with decision
And click Continue.

Do the above steps for all your posts that go against Facebook Community Standards.

Then wait for some days… let your posts get reviewed by Facebook team.

If your website blocked by Facebook by mistake… Then you will get a message in your Facebook account Support Index.

“Your Post is back on Facebook”

Congratulation! Your website URL was unblocked by Facebook.

How to Share blocked URL on Facebook?

If you tried all the steps to Unblocked your Website on Facebook but failed! Then there is one more option for you to share your blocked URL on Facebook.

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