Pubg Mobile M416 Attachment ,Weapon Stats and M416 all skins!

PUBG MOBILE M416:- Pubg Mobile, M416 is a popular Assault Rifle, which can be equipped with lots of attachments. That makes it an all-rounder weapon. 

Pubg Mobile M416's Weapon Stats:-

Power:-                       43 | 100

Range:-                      36 | 100

Recoil:-                       35 | 100

Firing Speed:-             77 | 100

            Ammo Type:-                 5.56

Magazine Capacity:-         30 | 40

          Weapon Type:-          Assault Rifle(AR)

M416 all compatible attachments:-

Pubg Mobile M416 is compatible with 5 attachments.

The M416 accepts the highest amount of attachments of all the ARs, so it can perform very effectively in different settings. Vertical and Angled Foregrips, Half, Light, and Thumb Grips - handling overall recoil to increase stability and shooting accuracy. You can use 2x, 4x, 6x Scopes with M416.

For the muzzle, the best option on the M416 is either the compensator or the suppressor. If you prefer to fight close quarters, then go with the suppressor because it will help you sneak up on your enemies.

The best options with the M416 are the Vertical Grip and the Angled Grip. If you're someone who likes to spray a lot, then the angled grip is the better option, because it helps reduce the horizontal spray which makes the enemy hard to predict.

Stocks are designed to reduce felt recoil as well as making steady aiming easier through numerous methods, such as increasing the amount of surface area in contact with the user or increasing the weight of the gun.

Extended Mag, Quickdraw Mag, and Extended-Quickdraw Mag
When it comes to the Magazine, the Extended Quickdraw Mag will always be the best option, as it increases your magazine bullet capacity and reduces your reload time, giving you the best of both worlds.

Pubg Mobile Best M416's attachment for Close Range!

For better vertical and horizontal recoil.


For better aiming at close range.

Thumb Grip
For better Scope time, Vertical Recoil, and Stability.

Tactical Stock
To reduce recoil and weapon shake.

Q. Ext Mag
To increase reload speed and +10 Ammo( 40 ammo )

Pubg Mobile Best M416's attachment for Medium-Range!

All attachment is the same just change Red-dot to 4x Scope and Thumb Grip to Half-grip.

4x Scope


Pubg Mobile Best M416's attachment for Long-Range!

All the attachments are the same as above just change 4x Scope to 6x Scope and Half-grip to vertical-grip. 

6x Scope


Pubg Mobile M416 all Skins

Note:- Click on the Picture to View it in full size.

Desert Camo
M416 Pubg Mobile Skin: Desert Camo

Blood Oath
M416 pubg mobile skin: Blood Oath

Desert Strom
M416 pubg mobile skin: Desrt Strom

Extreme Racing
M416 pubg mobile skin: Extreme Racing

M416 pubg mobile skin: Glacier

Golden Trigger
M416 pubg mobile skin: Golden Trigger

M416 pubg mobile skin: Graffiti

M416 pubg mobile skin: Jungle

Maple Leaves
M416 pubg mobile skin: Maple Leaves

M416 pubg mobile skin: Monster

Neon Punk
Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Neon Punk

Orange Rugged
Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Orange Rugged

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Reaper

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Safari

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Skeleton-Hand

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Stained Soul

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Tidal-Surge

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Time-Traveler

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Vampire

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Vibrant-Graffiti

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Viper

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Yellow-Stripes

Lizard Roar
Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Lizard Roar

The Fool
Pubg Mobile M416 skin: The Fool

Pubg Mobile M416 skin: Wanderer

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