Windows Shortcut key for Taskbar

Shortcut Key:-

Windows key + 1 or another number

Take a look at the taskbar, what you'll see is a row of applications and programs lined up. If you have an app that you make use of more frequently than others, you can just add it to the row. In fact, you could add it to the first place.
So let's say that Google Chrome is as the first app on your taskbar, you can just press Windows key + 1 to get it open.
You can also try this with other apps. Like if an app is in the 3rd position, you can just use Windows key + 3 to open it up. The point is made clear: the number you pick represents the position of the app you wish to open in the row.
If you would like to add your favorite app to the taskbar, follow these steps:
  1. Press the Win key and enter in the name of the app
  1. Right-click the app
  1. Choose the option for Pin to taskbar
  1. The app will now be in the taskbar. You can also click and drag it to any position you want to on the taskbar
So you can add any program (except the File Explorer) to the taskbar and move it to any position you want.
The reason you don’t want to add the File Explorer is that it already has its own shortcut.
We’ll talk a bit more on this in a short while

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