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Hardspace: Shipbreaker is releasing on 16-June--2020. Download link for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, etc. This is a hard space ship breaker, a space sandbox salvaging game where you'll experience the daily life of a spaceship salvager in an immersive and grounded industrial sci-fi future. Download Size is...

Developer: Blackbird Interactive

YouTube Channel: Focus Home Interactive

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Hardspace: Shipbreaker - Gameplay Overview Trailer

Hardspace: Shipbreaker About the Game:

This is a hard space ship breaker, a space sandbox salvaging game where you'll experience the daily life of a spaceship salvager in an immersive and grounded industrial sci-fi future.

Discover what it means to be a zero-g ship breaker and become a cut above the rest. You apply for a job with Lynx Corporation in the hopes of finding a better existence living and working amongst the stars. 

After signing on the dotted line, Linc's whisks you off into space and saddles you with massive debt for the trouble, you'll need to earn credits by salvaging spaceships in order to regain your freedom.

Shipbreaker is all about strategic dismantling, your main goal is to carefully salvage the valuables of each ship while keeping a close eye on the many hazards and the dangers that await you inside. One accidental cut could mean the destruction of the entire ship and you along with it. Before entering. Use your scanner to reveal key structural points. Valuable objects, materials, and atmospheric room conditions, as well as potential hazards.

The grapple tool is perfect for snagging small items like antennas or moving heavy metal panels. You can also use it to pull yourself towards massive objects or push yourself away from danger. The cut or two has to swappable tool heads, The Stinger head mount can be used to make precise incisions to key structural points, while the split sore head mount makes wide sweeping cuts and can several larger objects. If you pierce a hole in a pressurized room or accidentally clip the edge of a fuel pipe, the ship you're salvaging quickly turns into a deadly metal. 

Every ship is different. But their dangers are the same pressurized spaces when exposed to a vacuum. Experience a decompression event as the oxygen rushes to escape. If you don't grab onto something fast, you'll be forced down into spaceFuel and cooling pipes, as well as electrical lines, run throughout each ship with potential for devastating chain reactions. Fuel lines can leak and spill out into space. Ready to ignite at any moment. The hard and most valuable part of every ship is the reactor. The moment you pull the reactor from its coolant casing, it begins to meltdownFailing to safely deposit a life reactor before it melts down may have alliterated everything within its range. But succeeding will make you rich, or at least less poor. 

Each shift begins and ends in your have your personal habitation, by here, you can upgrade and repair your tools and gear. Review your found audio logs, data drives, as well as select ships to work on in the salvage bay. The key to earning those credits to pay off your debt to Lynx is by completing for four years. These also help you earn certification levels for better tools and upgrades. While unlocking bigger, more dangerous, and more valuable ships to salvage. Throughout early access, we're looking forward to working together with the community as we regularly add new features and develop additional content like new ships, new tools, new hazards, new game modes, new challenges, and more. If you'd like to find out more about hard space shipbreakers, join us on our official Dischord Channel and wish list Artspace Ship Breaker on Steam.

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